Kingdom of Hamelot Series II
With Mettle and Grit
eBook enhanced with illustrations,
video and audio narration
Published: March 2013
US $4.99 / CAN $4.99
Best For: Tablets that support audio and video
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Even though the conniving Doctor Leachum and Testin Gruberson have been dealt with at the end of our last book, not everything is back to normal in Hamelot. There are folks whose courage and confidence are being tested. Has Royal Mail Carrier Posten Letterby finally learned his lesson about gossiping? Cat Biggerton is being verbally bullied. How will she deal with her embarrassment and pain? Brill, the aging dragon slayer and hero, is a lonely man. Will a young friend help him get a new outlook a life? So much uncertainty and so many new characters to meet!
Finally, through the castle she flew in shame, tormented by each tear. Again she felt weak and dizzy, “’Tis true, ’tis true,” she wept. “I’m the ugliest maiden here. The other ladies are clever and lovely! O, why can’t I be like them?” She felt herself slipping to a most dangerous place, yet, knew with certainty that she could ne’er contemplate such disgrace!
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