Kingdom of Hamelot Series I
Menagerie of Murder
eBook enhanced with illustrations,
video and audio narration
Published: December 2012
US $4.99 / CAN $4.99
Best For: Tablets that support audio and video
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The dreadful Doctor Leachum treats his patients with leeches and seems to be concerned with anything but health! Royal Taste-Tester Testin Gruberson eats far more than his fair share and terrorizes the castle’s servants. The Monarch’s trusted spy Jamison Bondgott’em always gets his man, but anything can happen in the Kingdom of Hamelot! Meet the characters of Hamelot in this first eBook, a series of poetic introductions followed by a tale of intrigue and royal deception!
Posten found a private spot, and opened the pilfered vellum, gingerly, patiently, prying off the waxen seal.
Nervously, words rapidly passed o’er him: ‘conspire,’ ‘poison,’ ‘drink!’ Suddenly, again perused, they were horrible and real!
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